What Is Epic Fantasy? (Guest Blog by Charles Yallowitz

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thCover art by Jason Pedersen

Ionia has asked me to write a guest blog on what Epic Fantasy is since it is thrown around so much.  I use it for my series Legends of Windemere and I will go into that in a little bit.  Much of this will be opinion and you’ll see why.

Epic Fantasy is more commonly known as High Fantasy.  The term is thrown around a lot without a lot of people knowing exactly what it is.  The quintessential Epic Fantasy is Lord of the Rings.  Originally, Epic Fantasy required that the setting by in a world distinct from Earth or have larger than life characters, themes, and plots.  Much of this stemmed from the ‘Good Vs. Evil’ standard that was a cornerstone of Tolkien’s tales.  I know a lot of people call this cliché, but this is how it all started and it’s really just another way of saying…

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