Hedge Your Bets

Hedge Your Bets and Buyer Beware

The scamming of writers by shady publishers is a well known practice, too well known by those who have misplaced their confidence in these con artists.  It can never be stressed enough BUYER BEWARE. Allow me to add AUTHOR BE AWARE.

Do your homework and know who you are doing business with.

Do not get anxious. Anxiety leads to irrationality and in turn leads to bad decisions.

You do not have to accept that ‘all or nothing’ deal. The traditional publishers are hedging their bets, make sure you do the same.

This reminder comes on the heels of an article by David Gaughran about the exploitation of authors by brand name publishers. David writes, “The scammy vanity presses are owned by traditional publishers who are marketing them as the “easy” way to self-publish – when it’s nothing more than a horrifically expensive and terribly ineffective way to publish your work, guaranteed to kill your book’s chance of success stone dead, while emptying your bank account in the process.”

Instead of rambling my own sentiments I suggest you check out The Author Exploitation Business. David is a reputable source. I would also encourage you to spend a little time reading through his archives if you haven’t already and please feel free to share any source that has made the Indie world a better place to be.



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