Real Indies, Real Answers

Firstly thank all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to answer the survey. We reached in and grabbed a handful and here is what we found.

Most of the independent authors that responded publish under their name or their company label. One example is author Lori Crane from Michigan who publishes under Lori Crane Entertainment, Inc. Lori writes mainly nineteenth century historical fiction. You can learn more about Lori at On the other hand Harry Steinman’s publisher is Alloy Press. Harry writes sci-fi thrillers and hales from Boston. To find out more about Harry check out his website at

Regarding the question of lowering prices nearly every indie stated they would either lower the price or offer a free book. I thought Kate Policani’s response sounded like a win-win offer. Kate said, “I would probably ask them to review my book in exchange for a free copy.” Kate lives in Seattle and can be found at One author actually did lower prices. Janna Hill said, “The men and women who put everything ahead of themselves and have $10 left at the end of the month. That’s who I write for.” Janna resides in Texas. More about her can be found at

In answer to “What outlet brings the most sales?” Amazon won hands down but allow me to quote an excerpt from Scott McCloskey’s response. “My technical answer to that is Amazon. My personal answer to that is word of mouth. Nothing generates more interest in a book than hearing from somebody who’s opinion you trust that it’s worth reading.” Can I get an amen?! Scott lives in Pennsylvania writes young adult fiction. See more of his work at

And lastly  most authors responding were US citizens with the exception of Ronnie Ray Jenkins who calls the US and Canada home. Most of Ronnie Ray’s stories are a mixture of grit and humor about the Appalachian peoples. Find out more about him at


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