Success or Failure As A Self Published Author?

I had planned to post each Wednesday but I’m afraid I did not plan well this week. My apologies but I have a very insightful and encouraging post to share from Chelsea Falin-Hammond at Pen Possessed I think you will enjoy.

Pen Possessed

Do you know what if means to be successful as an author in general? What about as a self published author? I did some research, and I found out just a few things:

  • In order to become a ‘best seller’ a book must sell 35,000 copies, in no set amount of time. (Or be on the top 100 all time books on amazon)
  • 98% of all books released in any given  year will never sell more than 500 copies
  • The vast majority of self published books will never, ever, in their lifetime, sell over 100 copies
  • If you sell over 500 copies of your book- self published or otherwise- you are considered a moderate success

Do you find this daunting? I sure don’t! I find that it tells me I am not considered a ‘moderate success’ or ‘best seller’ by the industry just yet. The book I have sold the…

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