Calling All Indies

To kick off our presence here at WordPress we’d like to garner some perspective and maybe (just maybe) rustle up some free PR for a hard working indie.

We are conducting a survey and will use the following information for statistics, reviews and various press purposes. We would also like to feature a few Indies in press release format and share some of the results on this blog. If you would like to participate read on.

Here’s how it works. Copy and paste this into whatever writing program you use. Answer the questions and email the completed questionnaire to or if you prefer you can request this post be sent to you via email. Be sure to put “send me the post” in the subject line.

The following questions might seem odd but we are trying to get a full picture. The final draft will NOT be a series of Q/A so please answer each one to the best of your ability and feel free to elaborate.

What is your name?

Is this the name you write/ publish under?

We will need permission to use your real name and authorization to publicize any statements you may make. Do we have your permission?

Where are you from?

Where do you reside at present?

Are you an independent author? Publisher?

Have you developed a following of regular readers?

What is your feeling regarding your fan base?

Regarding your relationship(s) with other authors do you share similar opinions on:



Interacting with readers?

Tell us about a few of your titles and where they are sold.

What outlet brings you the most sales?

Can you set your own sales price?

Do you believe most people in your country are struggling financially?

What is important to you as an author? Example: gaining fans or making significant profits?

If ten readers told you they enjoyed reading your books but couldn’t afford them would you lower your prices?

Why? Elaborate.

Do you have an official website?


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