Greetings Cyber World!

We would like to take this opportunity to say hello and tell you a little bit about Simpklu and what we do. We are a small team of editors, proofreaders and promoters who work quietly behind the scenes with small press, independent authors and publishers.

I’m almost certain readers have never heard of our agency due to the fact we have not had a real internet presence until today. We are not making our debut to solicit new clients; we have been blessed with all we can handle at present. What we are here for is to support, encourage and promote not only the clients we have worked with but upcoming indies as well.

I speak for all of us at Simpklu when I say the indie movement has been astounding and we are100% in favor of these entrepreneurial spirits.

To show our support we will be answering  questions as well as sharing posts and stories related to independent authors and publishers. If you have a question or a story you would like to share by all means let us know.

These are exciting times and we look forward to being a part of the evolution.


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